5 Resources for Informing HR Operating Model Choices

HR Effectiveness

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These 5 resources provide ideas for Chief HR Officers to consider as they decide how their HR operating models can deliver new forms of stakeholder value. Click on the links to access each article.

  1. Marc Effron of The Talent Strategy Group shares 5 questions for optimizing an organization’s HR operating model. Includes a supplemental PDF showing an example of the types of answers that might be provided to each question.
  2. Josh Bersin provides an in-depth overview of how the HR function can look at its capabilities, job roles, skills, and HR operating model in a more integrated way. 
  3. Gartner provides a 4-component model that helps separate operational and strategic work, and migrate operational work to a comprehensive HR operations and service delivery team.
  4. Egon Zehnder compares alternative HR operating models using a 2×2 matrix: 1) agility—the ability to adapt and evolve people and processes in unexpected or fast-changing times 2) the level of change or transformation an organization is willing to accept.
  5. McKinsey shares insights on 5 types of HR operating models, such as agile and EX-driven. Provides guidance on which model may be a best fit based on 8 different innovation shifts HR organizations are making.