5 Ways AI Shifts How Organizations Think About Skills Data | Gartner’s April HR Leaders Monthly

HR Technology

As technology continues to be one of HR’s top investments for enabling talent strategy, this new 52-page April issue of Gartner’s HR Leader’s monthly includes seven articles related to this topic. The articles focus on major tech trends HR leaders need to be aware of in 2023, ways HR technology can advance a more human employee value proposition, and how CHROs can promote digital dexterity, to name a few. Beginning on page 10, one article covers five ways AI shifts how organizations think about skills data. It argues that while many organizations continue to explore ways of using AI to understand the skills of their workforce, HR leaders and their teams can face challenges in deciding what types of existing data within different systems (e.g., learning management, human capital management suites, etc.) should be leveraged to help AI platforms infer worker skills. To get better results from an AI platform’s skill inferences engine, the authors recommend feeding the platform more — and better — data from a variety of sources (see Figure 2 on page 12). Several other ideas are discussed across the seven articles. As practitioners evaluate opportunities for utilizing HR and AI-based technology in their organizations, I am resharing this 59-page toolkit by the World Economic Forum that provides ideas to promote the responsible use of HR-based AI tools, tactics for evaluating vendors, and more.