5 Ways to Reimagine the Future of Work | Fast Company

Workforce Trends

As organizations continue to bring workers back to the office in some capacity, this article argues leaders should “harvest insights from employees on lessons learned and use them to reimagine and evolve work.” It offers five suggestions on how leaders can bring employees into the discussion to determine the best path forward on how and where work gets done. A few of these suggestions include questions leaders can ask individual employees and teams to understand their preferences. For example, leaders can ask individuals: What did you like best about this past year of work? What is something that made work easier for you this past year? What is one thing you want to retain moving forward? What is one change you would like to see change? A few questions that can help hybrid teams define how, when, and where they will work together, include: Are there core hours we want to establish for meetings or overlapping working times? Are we currently having the right meetings at the right time with the right people, or do we need to make changes? What would be circumstances where we might come together in person? Leaders can use these questions to reimagine work and the workplace.

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