51 HR Metrics Cheat Sheet | AIHR

HR Effectiveness

HR leaders and their teams continue to find ways to best measure and show the ROI of talent initiatives and investments. And while there are varying levels of sophistication in showing the impact of HR/ talent initiatives on business outcomes, HR and talent metrics are at the foundation. Yet practitioners can still find it challenging to identify the HR metrics that matter most to their organization. Common limitations in selecting HR metrics range from a) selecting metrics based on what is available (or convenient) rather than what adds the most value to b) having too many metrics that are randomly pulled together and don’t best convey an organization’s “talent narrative.” As HR teams determine which metrics are most important, this document includes 51 HR metrics that can provide some ideas. Rather than rush to identify metrics first, I recommend starting with the talent questions an organization is trying to answer (e.g., To what extent do we move talent internally each year between lines of business or functional areas? How does this compare across demographic segments and lines of business?) Once the right questions are determined, HR teams can identify the underlying metric(s) that can inform the answers. With that in mind, I am resharing this 16-page SAP reference, which includes 100 questions that span eight talent categories—from recruiting to employee experience.