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HR Effectiveness

This February issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly includes six articles on a range of critical talent and workplace topics. The articles are 1) 3 Steps Regional and Business Unit HR Heads Must Take to Advance to CHRO, 2) 3 Steps to Improve Leadership Bench Strength Amid Disruption, 3) Risks and Opportunities for D&I Leaders in 2022, 4) CHROs Also Need a More Human Deal With Themselves, 5) How to Redefine Total Rewards for the Hybrid Workforce and 6) How to Accelerate Talent Outcomes Through HR Technology in 2022. Regarding #4 (begins on p.21)this article addresses how the benefits of hybrid work and location flexibility also create challenges for total rewards leaders in four areas; one challenge is determining whether to adjust the pay of employees that move to lower cost-of-living areas. I mentioned in a previous post how firms have taken different stances on this topic. While Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google will base pay on geographic location, smaller companies, including Reddit and Zillow, have shifted to location-agnostic pay models. As shown on p.22 of the Gartner article, respondent organizations take the following approaches when considering salary adjustments: a) Case-by-case (46%), b) One-Time Pay Increase/Reduction (31%), c) No Adjustment (23%), and d) Gradual Adjustment of Merit Increases (8%). Total rewards leaders will need to develop strategies to address the four hybrid work challenges.

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