6 Articles from Gartner’s June HR Leaders Monthly With a Focus on Recruiting and Hiring | Gartner

Talent Acquisition

In this hypercompetitive talent market, HR leaders and their teams must rethink their strategies for sourcing, recruiting, and retaining talent. As HR teams reimagine these areas, this 50-page June 2022 Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly Magazine issue provides several ideas. It includes six articles on a range of topics: 1) How Recruiting Partnerships Create Competitive Advantage in a Challenging Labor Market. 2) A Roadmap to Sourcing Talent in the Remote World, 3) Why You Must Redefine Quality of Hire (and How), 4) Five Best Practices for Recruiting a More Diverse Workforce, 5) Plan Your Workforce Without the Limitations of Roles, and 6) For Tech Talent, Staying Power Matters More Than Star Power. While each article offers various insights, a few sections to point out are a) Page 17, which includes four questions recruiters can ask hiring managers to address their biases in assessing remote work feasibility of roles. One question is, “What activities require employees to be in person, work specific hours or complete work in a defined manner?” b) Figure 1 on p.30 illustrates how recruiters can expand their talent pools by drawing from overlooked talent segments, such as “self taught” talent. c) Figures 1 and 2, beginning on page 37, illustrate an example of how to determine which roles to break down into tasks that serve as the basis of workforce planning. Other ideas are discussed.

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