6 Articles on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly – November 2021

Talent Management

As organizations prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals, HR leaders play a vital role in helping their organizations navigate this area. This November issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly includes six articles to speed up DEI progress in organizations. The topics range from HR leaders’ role in organizations’ ESG initiatives, how organization design can hinder the advancement of underrepresented talent, to how to engage the board of directors in DEI. Page 13 begins an article on how data can help mitigate biases found in organizational talent processes. Within this context, Figure 1. on p.14 shows how Eli Lilly uses research and data to create employee journey mapping to identify barriers that underrepresented talent groups face throughout various talent practices. One example is how Hispanic employees encounter obstacles in recruiting, rewards and compensation, and performance evaluation due to feeling less comfortable with self-promotion because humility is a valued cultural characteristic. The journey maps provide the firm with insights to design or refine talent processes with these unique challenges in mind. The six articles offer several ideas on how firms can make meaningful progress in DEI in the year ahead.

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