6 Future of Work Trends Reshaping the Employee Experience | Gartner HR Leaders Monthly – May

HR Technology Workforce Planning

This 36-page May 2022 edition of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly Magazine includes six articles on how technological change and the evolution of the work will impact the employee experience (EX) in the months and years aheadThe first article (starts on p.4) outlines six future of work trends reshaping the EX. They include: 1) Well-Being Is the New Employee Metric. 2) DEI Outcomes Will Worsen if Employers Don’t Act. 3) Turnover Will Continue to Increase in a Hybrid Environment. 4) Managers’ Roles Are Changing. 5) Gen Z Will Want In-Person Work Experiences. 6) Shorter Work Weeks Become an EVP Offering. Concerning #6, the authors note that if inflation continues to rise, compensation will be worth less, and not all employers will be able to attract and retain talent on the basis of compensation alone.” As a result, a segment of firms is rethinking its employee value proposition (EVP) by offering employees reduced hours—such as a 4-day work week—for the same amount of compensation as a 5-day workweek. Regarding technology, Page 11 shows a bullseye map into the adoption, current value and areas where employees would like to see future investment in HR tech innovations throughout the entire employee experience life cycle (e.g., recruiting, L&D, performance management, etc.). Other ideas are discussed.

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