6 Non-Tech Barriers to Internal Mobility in Organizations | Brian Heger

Talent Development

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Internal mobility (IM)—the movement of internal workers across different roles and opportunities within the same organization—is a critical component of talent management. As part of the HR function, I am particularly excited about technologies like internal talent marketplace platforms to facilitate faster and more effective IM. However, while technology is essential, it’s not sufficient by itself. The heavy focus on technology often overshadows crucial non-tech aspects vital to effective IM. In the attached image, I outline six non-tech barriers to IM, such as policies restricting internal movement (e.g., the employee must be in a role for a certain amount of time before moving into another role/opportunity). Practitioners can help their organizations identify and overcome these and other non-tech barriers to fully leverage IM technology. A key question for HR teams to consider is: “Even if we had the perfect technology to support internal mobility, what non-tech barriers would we need to address to maximize our technology’s potential?” As teams discuss this question, I am also resharing my one-page editable template, which provides practitioners with a simple way to discuss and identify whether the six non-technological IM barriers exist in their organizations. It serves as an initial step for identifying additional barriers.