60 Recruitment Benchmarks Every HR Professional Needs to Know | HCMI

Talent Acquisition

As talent acquisition (TA) teams reshape their recruitment and hiring practices amidst a changing labor market and workplace, they are also reevaluating their metrics to gauge TA effectiveness. This document provides the top 60 recruitment benchmarks that can guide and help to adjust recruiting and hiring practices. The benchmarks are sorted by six areas 1) Hiring Costs, 2) Hiring Process, 3) Hiring Sources, 4) Diversity Hiring, 5) Post Offer, and 6) 2021 Hiring Trends. The benchmarks are from various organizations such as SHRM, LinkedIn, Monster, ADP, and Barron’s, to name a few. For example, concerning hiring costs, while the average cost per hire for each recruit is $4,424, the average cost for an executive position is $14,936 (SHRM). Regarding diversity hiring benchmarks, men earn 21.4% more than women. This gap shrinks to 4.9% when factoring in age, education, experience, job characteristics, and other factors. On average, for hiring sources74% of open positions are filled externally (SHRM). These and other benchmarks can provide helpful insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of a firm’s recruiting and hiring practices.

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