70 Talent and Workforce Questions the Board of Directors Might Ask HR Leaders | Multiple Sources

HR Effectiveness

The Board of Directors in many organizations has taken an increased interest in talent and workforce topics over the past few years. According to an Accenture report, the pandemic increased 70 percent of board members’ involvement in talent-related topics. And with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues and SEC Human Capital Disclosure Requirements top of mind for many organizations, the Boards’ interest in talent and workforce practices will intensify.

As CHROs and their teams think through their organizations’ talent narrative, these three resources provide 70 questions that Board members might ask.

  1.  PwC – A Deeper Dive into Talent Management: The New Board Imperative. Page 11 includes 19 questions, such as: Do we have a workforce plan that forecasts our talent needs now and three to five years in the future?
  2.   Doris Sims of Talent Benchstrength Solutions – Questions Every Board of Directors Should Ask. Provides 37 questions, including: What business value and/or return-on-investment have we achieved so far because we are identifying and developing successors? How many successors have moved into the roles we identified for them?
  3.  Deloitte – The Workforce Takes Center Stage: The Board’s Evolving Role. Includes 14 questions, such as: What measures are we tracking to give us real-time insight into the sentiments of the workforce—both internal and external? Even if your organization does not have a Board of Directors, these questions can help shed light on talent needs, risks, and recommendations.