How Can Workforce Planning Help in Times of Uncertainty? | myHRfuture

Workforce Planning

Most organizations are doing some form of workforce planning (WP) as they address and plan for the impacts of the coronavirus to their businesses and workforces. What makes WP especially challenging during this time is that there are many “unknowns” about how aspects of this pandemic will play out. Further complicating the matter is that organizations are trying to develop responses that will address both short and long-term needs–which can conflict. In my last few posts, I mentioned how scenario planning can be used as a component of WP to identify/ plan for possible future scenarios amidst the unknowns. This article can help organizations think through this topic by using 6 questions, such as 11) Which of our core business drivers/activities are increasing or decreasing, and what is the resultant impact on our workforce? 2) What step changes – starting a new facility, ceasing a part of our operations, transitioning to new technology delivery for our customers – will mean for our organization? These and other questions can help organizations think through scenarios, determine talent implications, and come up with responses that can, as best possible, address short and long-term needs during the pandemic and beyond.

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