9 Articles on the Hybrid Workplace | Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly

Workforce Trends

Many firms continue to embrace hybrid work models as they return employees to the workplace. And while hybrid work offers many opportunities, it also presents challenges that CHROs and their team must consider and evaluate. In this July issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly, there is a collection of nine articles that explores the hybrid workforce model from multiple perspectives, including critical questions HR leaders need to answer as they design their hybrid workforce strategies. It covers topics such as building manager empathy, using talent analytics to redesign the hybrid workplace, driving inclusive well-being for every employee in the hybrid world, and three outdated assumptions that impede hybrid work design. Page 9 begins an article on how to provide employees who aren’t knowledge workers—and do not have flexibility over when, where, or how much they work—with flexible work options. For example, retail workers can be allowed to schedule and trade their own hours. Figure 3 on page 12 includes eight questions managers can ask to uncover hidden opportunities for flexibility in all roles.

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