9 Future of Work Trends for 2024 | Gartner

Workforce Trends

Gartner has recently released its nine workplace predictions for 2024 and beyond, outlining key trends that HR leaders should focus on to attract and retain top talent while driving business outcomes. These predictions are categorized into four themes: 1) The shifting employee value proposition (EVP), 2) New manager necessities, 3) The collapse of career assumptions, and 4) AI reshaping work. One prediction related to the shifting EVP is: The Cost-of-Work Crisis Reaches a Breaking Point. This prediction emphasizes that return-to-office mandates are leading workers to be more acutely aware of the expenses incurred in the process of going to work. One implication is that employees may look for EVPs that help offset expenses through offerings such as caregiving benefits, housing subsidies, financial well-being programs, and more. The impact can be even greater in organizations that are opting for a return to five days in the office. Another prediction is the collapse of career assumptions, signaling a reduced stigma around candidates taking “career breaks” or those who choose not to pursue typical progressive career trajectories. Consequently, organizations are expected to embrace talent models that draw from diverse talent pools, incorporating candidates with varied and unconventional backgrounds. To complement the article, Gartner has shared a 28-minute podcast episode delving deeper into these trends.