9 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2024 and Beyond | Harvard Business Review

Workforce Trends

This new article, authored by researchers from Gartner, offers insights into nine trends shaping work in 2024 and beyond. These trends encompass familiar topics such as AI in the workplace, the 4-day workweek, and the ascendancy of hiring for skills over credentials, such as academic degrees. They also cover less-discussed topics such as trend 9: Traditional stereotypes of career paths will collapse in the face of workforce change. This trend highlights the imperative for organizations to dismantle barriers and challenge stereotypes associated with the employability of various workforce segments, such as individuals who had a career break and are reentering the workforce (e.g., caregivers who took time off). The authors reference organizations, such as United Technologies, Goldman Sachs, and Johnson & Johnson, offering returnships or rotational programs for caregivers reentering the workforce. I also believe one untapped talent acquisition strategy is recruiting back former employees who have the skills their former organization values and a desire to return to their previous employer. With this in mind, I am resharing the HBR article, Leave the Door Open for Employees to Return to Your Organization, which includes tactics for recruiting back former employees.