A Revitalized Vision for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workforce | World Economic Forum and Mercer

Leadership & Culture

Various reports on 2022 workplace and workforce priorities continue to rank Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as a top business imperative. But as noted in this 23-page white paper, “while diversity has been the dominant focus for many organizations, equity and inclusion have risen up the list of priorities over the past few years.” This paper provides a comprehensive overview of steps that companies can implement to improve DEI for their workforce. Page 7 discusses aspects of an inclusive environment: giving all stakeholders a sense of belonging, while providing systems that encourage them to share information and participate in decision-making. And, Figure 1 shows 12 components of an inclusive workforce, ranging from gender expression, level of health, social origin, and parental background. As firms seek to drive meaningful progress in fostering an inclusive workforce, it is critical to measure the impact of their efforts. With this goal in mind, I am resharing a 63-page ADP Research Institute reportMeasuring the “I” in DEI, which includes a 12-item index for measuring employees’ sentiment of inclusion. Similarly, page 21 of the November Gartner’s HR Leader’s Monthly contains examples of Gartner’s Inclusion Index.

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