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To provide you with additional support, here are some other resources to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Productivity

I do a lot of writing for my job, website, and newsletter. And although I believe I have solid writing skills, I love having Grammarly as my coach. It's one of the best tools out there, not only for writers but for everyone. It checks grammar, spelling, and provides context-based suggestions to improve your messages, documents, articles, and anything else that contains words. I even use the Chrome extension, which makes doing edits in multiple applications even easier. Although I subscribe to the paid premium package, you can try out the free version to determine if that meets your needs.

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Dropbox is my cloud-based document storage system of choice that easily syncs with all of my devices and computers. I use it to save all of my files, videos, and images. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage space when you sign-up. I subscribe to the Plus package, which is one tier up from the Free Plan and provides me with 2TB of space, which is sufficient for my purposes. I have been using Dropbox for years and have never had any problems. Plus, it is simple to use and saves me a great deal of time when accessing and working on different files. You can try the free version to experience it yourself.

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Running My Website

Personal Learning

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