AI at Work Is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part | Microsoft and LinkedIn

Workforce Trends

This new 38-page report by Microsoft and LinkedIn shares insights about the growing integration of AI at work, its impact on the labor market, the rise of AI power users, and the importance of embracing AI to drive business transformation. Drawing from the survey responses of approximately 31,000 individuals across 31 countries, LinkedIn labor and hiring trends data, trillions of Microsoft productivity signals, and research with Fortune 500 customers, the report reveals significant trends. One finding includes that 75% of knowledge workers are now using AI at work, with 78% of them adopting Bring Your Own AI (BYOAI) practices, often without guidance or clearance from leadership. This approach risks missing out on the benefits of strategic AI implementation at scale and exposes company data to security risks. A primary driver for BYOAI is the struggle with the pace and volume of work, with 68% of individuals expressing difficulty and 46% feeling burned out, leading many to turn to AI for relief. While implementing AI may seem daunting, the report recommends that leaders start by identifying a business problem to which AI can be applied, citing examples such as Estée Lauder leveraging AI for product development and customer experience enhancement and Dentsu utilizing AI in creative development. Other ideas are discussed.