AI in HR: Various Resources for HR Practitioners

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As HR practitioners continue to experiment with the various ways in which AI can help the HR function deliver new forms of value to organizational stakeholders, these resources provide ideas.  While I have shared them in different individual posts, I am bundling them here for your convenience.

  1. 10 AI Use Cases in HR— In this PDF, you’ll find a brief statement of each use case, an associated risk, and a practical recommendation for mitigating that risk.
  2. AI in HR Playlist—Includes a curated list of 5 resources for using AI in HR. You can also access an additional 8 curated resources through the provided link.
  3. ChatGPT in HR Examples—This PDF includes 4 ChatGPT HR prompts and screenshots of the output. You can access 6 additional prompts through the provided link.

I hope you find value in these resources!