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The use of analytics within the HR function continues to grow as organizations increasingly recognize the value of analytics in uncovering insights that inform and enable talent strategy. Despite its appeal, the power analytics is often understood only by a select few- usually those who are either in an organizations’ Center of Excellence or consultants with expertise in this area. And while one doesn’t need to be an expert in analytics to realize its potential, it is helpful to have a foundational understanding of the ways in which data-driven insights can be used for enabling better, faster talent decisions. In this 25-page ebook by Gartner, they cover the topic of analytics through the lens of using external labor market insights to drive better decisions. In particular, this reference looks at a) how to source and leverage external labor market data to build a future-focused talent acquisition strategy and agile recruiting operating model, b) how to draw the right conclusions from the data collected or acquired c) turn conclusions into actionable strategies that can drive major business initiatives. On page 11, there are nine action steps to collect, interpret, and communicate labor market data. These nine steps are broken into three components, including 1) Collect labor market data – understanding which types of data to collect to generate the insights you need. 2) Interpret labor market data – using simple, relevant questions to extract the insights that will affect your talent strategy 3) Influence hiring managers – sharing insights compellingly and articulating the implications. Slide 14 also provides a useful example of how to turn conclusions into insights that compel specific decisions. There are also a few visuals with examples of how to present data.

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