Are You Losing Your Best Candidates To The Black Hole? | Chief Executive

Talent Acquisition

The article explores the hurdles organizations face in recruiting candidates for vacant positions, attributing some challenges to the limitations of their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These systems, designed for large-scale applicant management, may unintentionally exclude qualified individuals whose resumes don’t precisely align with specific job description criteria. By often focusing on candidates within the standard bell curve, the ATS might miss individuals with unconventional resumes (backgrounds) who are capable of bringing significant value to a team. The article advocates for reintegrating human elements into the hiring process, urging managers to explore diverse talent pools and unconventional career paths. With this as the backdrop, I am resharing this Harvard Business School paper, How to Tap the Talent Automated HR Platforms Miss. The article provides a few ideas, such as updating recycled job descriptions and hiring criteria more regularly to reflect the essential skills and experiences required to succeed in a position, while eliminating superfluous “nice to have” or dated qualifications. Such adjustments could prevent competitive candidates from being prematurely eliminated from consideration.