Assessing a Role for Hybrid Working | CIPD

Workforce Trends

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Many leaders continue to make decisions about hybrid, remote, and flexible work arrangements within their organizations. As leaders make these decisions, it’s essential that they approach them thoughtfully, considering various factors, such as the nature of specific roles and jobs.

To aid in this process, CIPD has introduced a new one-page flowchart designed to facilitate a critical assessment of a role’s suitability for hybrid work. It helps to identify whether a role might mostly fit one of three scenarios:

  1. Work activities that are undertaken with other people at the same time and place. Such roles may not permit hybrid working or only a minority of time spent working remotely.
  2. Activities that are performed with other people at the same time but that can be done in person or remotely. Such roles may be able to undertake some hybrid or remote working.
  3. Activities that are largely independent and can be undertaken anywhere or at any time. These roles may permit a significant amount of remote work.

Additionally, I am resharing a McKinsey Global Institute article, What’s Next for Remote Work: An Analysis of 2,000 Tasks, 800 Jobs, and Nine Countries. While the article was published a few years ago, it provides insights for basing a role’s remote work potential on tasks and activities that can be effectively performed remotely without compromising productivity.