Being Transgender at Work | McKinsey

Workforce Trends

Despite some meaningful progress in supporting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community (LGBTQ) in the workplace, there is still much to accomplish to foster a truly inclusive environment for transgender employees. As mentioned in this article, employers seem to “focus more on supporting sexual-orientation diversity in the workplace than on gender identity or expression.” As a result, a segment of firms is falling short of addressing the needs of transgender employees and fostering work environments that provide even a basic level of safety and equity. The article notes that many people in the workplace refrain from talking about the transgender experience because they don’t have a common language or vocabulary for these discussions. A section of the article provides a glossary that includes terminology for conversing about gender identity. These terms range from Gender identity, Transgender, Gender nonconforming, and Nonbinary, to name a few. Having a common vocabulary can make it easier to talk about transgender topics in the workplace. The article provides compelling statistics regarding transgender employees’ experiences and offers firms’ actions to bring about long-term cultural change toward transgender inclusion in the workplace.

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