BOOK: Data-Driven Organization Design: Delivering Perpetual Performance Gains Through the Organizational System | Rupert Morrison


The topic of organization design has received renewed interest as organizations transform in response to changing business contexts, workplaces, and the workforce. At the same time, firms seek ways to use data to guide decision-making. In this newly released second edition book (released October 26, 2021), Rupert Morrison covers topics ranging from identifying and collecting the right data sources to aid organization design decisions, macro and micro factors that influence organization design, and tactics for ensuring that design decisions can support the constantly evolving and changing demands of organizations. For those of you that like webcasts, you can also check out this November 17, 2021 NYU Human Capital Management Program webinar, where Anna Tavis (Clinical Associate Professor and Academic Director of Human Capital Management Department) leads a discussion with Rupert on ideas from his book. The conversation starts around the 11:05 mark of the video.

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