BOOK: Excellence in People Analytics: How to Use Workforce Data to Create Business Value | Jonathan Ferrar & David Green

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Various sources, such as LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report and Mercer’s Global Talent Trend Report, continue to reinforce how vital people analytics (PA) has become in many organizations. And while PA was once reserved for experts in the field, it has grown to become an essential capability (at least understanding how PA can be used) for HR and talent management practitioners that want to show the real business value of talent, workforce, and people practices, programs, and initiatives. This new book by Jonathan Ferrar and David Green (two leading experts in the field) provides several insights and practical tools on PA. It includes several case studies from leading companies, such as Microsoft, HSBC, Syngenta, Capital One, Novartis, Bosch, Uber, Santander Brasil, and American Eagle Outfitters, on how PA is being applied in those organizations for various purposes, such as using PA to increase profits, improve staff retention, drive workplace productivity, and enhance the employee experience. An excellent read for those of you that have an interest in this topic. Thank you to Emmanuel Aryeetey and Lydia Cronin, from Kogan Page Publishers, for an advanced copy to review.

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