Book: Financial Analysis for HR Managers: Tools for Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy | Steven Director

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At a time where organizations continue to optimize cost while delivering value, HR professionals are expected to have the financial acumen to demonstrate the link between HR-based activities, business strategy, and financial results. In this book by Steven Director, he provides everything mid-to-senior-level HR professionals need to formulate, model, and evaluate their HR initiatives from a financial perspective. And although written in 2013, the author offers various insights that still apply. In the first part of the book, he covers financial fundamentals such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, and financial statements. In the second part of the book, Steven walks through each crucial financial issue associated with strategic talent management, including quantifiable links between workforces and business value, cost-benefit analyses of HR and strategic financial initiatives, and specific issues related to total rewards programs, including stock, stock options, and pension costs. Whether it is answering questions such as how do you model HR’s financial role in corporate strategic initiatives such as the introduction of a new product line or how do you select bonus drivers to send the right signals to the manager, this book offers HR Leaders and aspiring leaders with the knowledge and tactics to link HR to financial outcomes.

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