Book: Introduction to People Analytics: A Practical Guide to Data-driven HR | Nadeem Khan and Dave Millner

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It used to be that only those employees on data and analytic teams had to have an understanding of People Analytics (PA). However, with PA becoming increasingly recognized as a way to provide insights that enable organizations to make better business decisions, most HR professionals need to at least have foundational skills in this area. In this book that was released in April 2020, Nadeem Khan and Dave Millner help HR practitioners begin to develop a better understanding of PA and how it can be used to move from data to insights. It provides studies and thought leadership insights from companies who have leveraged PA to improve culture and employee engagement, increase performance and reduce costs, including Experian and AstraZeneca. There is also expert guidance and practical advice on how to embed analytics into HR processes and adopt a data-driven approach to all workplace activities.

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