Book: Measurement Demystified: Creating Your L&D Measurement, Analytics, & Reporting Strategy | by Dave Vance & Peggy Parskey

Talent Development

While HR and learning and development (L&D) leaders understand the importance of measuring and demonstrating the value of learning initiatives, doing so can be a challenge for many organizations. The reasons range from a lack of confidence in creating an L&D measurement and reporting strategy, imperfect data, the task being too big or complex, to resource constraints. However, as I mentioned in one of the six principles of my HR People + Strategy article on building a workforce planning capability, one way to overcome these challenges is to:  just start. This new book introduces a straightforward framework, the Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp), to simplify the discussion of measurement, analytics, and reporting of L&D and talent development. It helps practitioners select and use the right measures for the right reasons, develop the right types of reports, and create a comprehensive measurement and reporting strategy meaningful to business leaders. The book also includes the Association for Talent Development’s State of the Industry report benchmarks on organizations’ learning expenditures and the eight learning metrics recommended by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This reference is a useful resource for anyone charged with demonstrating the impact and value of organizational learning investments.

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