BOOK: Remote Work: Redesign Processes, Practices, and Strategies to Engage a Remote Workforce | Chris Dyer and Kim Shepherd


While remote work (RW) was on the rise before the pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis has cemented this work arrangement as a prominent and permanent fixture in the workplace. And as indicated through various reports, many workers increasingly desire RW, are willing to take a pay cut to get it, and will even leave their employer if not provided this flexible work arrangement. As firms reassess and modify their workforce strategies, practices, and processes to enable RW at scale, this new book is timely and relevant for HR practitioners, leaders, and managers charged with this task. This newly released book helps to answer questions such as How can I develop a team if they’re not in the same place? How can I build a company culture with employees in an office, working at home, and in co-work spaces? How can I maintain organizational oversight if I can’t see my employees? It provides ideas on various practices that enable RW, such as measuring performance in a RW context and creating virtual ‘water cooler’ environments. The book is an essential read for those helping their organizations and teams navigate the RW landscape.

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