Book: The Inside Gig: How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Capacity | Edie Goldberg & Kelley Steven-Waiss

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The internal gig economy, also known as the Internal Talent Marketplace (ITM), is a marketplace within an organization where employees, their skills, and their interests are dynamically matched to meet the organization’s talent needs. Whether it is a role, project-based tasks, or short-term assignment, an ITM model enables a firm to tap into its own employees’ different skills and experiences to meet those talent needs. This approach enables organizations to access and deploy talent quickly and efficiently, save on recruitment and development costs, retain their workforce and vital company knowledge, and unlock workforce capacity. For employees, the ITM can keep them engaged, help them grow and develop, and try out new roles and skills within the company. As firms find new ways to leverage their internal workforce, this book provides six core principles for doing so. Each principle offers practical tips and real-life examples of companies that have used this new talent operating model. This book is an excellent reference for those practitioners who seek to help their organizations unlock the hidden skills within their workforce.

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