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Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning (SWP) is a top priority for many organizations. Yet, practitioners often struggle to implement SWP in their firms. According to research by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) of 32 HR practices, SWP is among the top three talent practices with the most significant gaps between the importance organizations place on the capability and their ability to deliver it effectively. And while there are many reasons practitioners face challenges when implementing SWP in their organizations, one fundamental reason is difficulty in articulating the business case for SWP. This 16-page presentation template helps HR leaders build a business case for SWP by including tactics ranging from illustrating the benefits of SWP to addressing common stakeholder objections. A few slides to point out include 1) Slide 5 – shows a continuum of workforce planning ranging from talent forecasting (narrow, short-term) to strategic workforce planning (broad, long-term). 2) Slide 11 shows solutions for addressing potential concerns and objections to SWP (e.g., Concern: workforce planning is too static for a changing world. Solution: conduct scenario planning to assess changing talent needs.) Slide 13 includes an illustration of scenario planning. Leaders can leverage this template as they create opportunities to strengthen SWP in their organizations. As a secondary format, here is the PDF version.

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