Build a More Responsive Employer Value Proposition (EVP) | Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly (June)

Talent Management

As employees’ preferences and expectations continue to shift, many organizations are re-evaluating and adjusting their employer value proposition (EVP) offerings — the set of attributes the labor market and employees perceive as the value gained through employment with an organization. This article, which begins on page 10 and is one of six articles in this monthly issue, submits that HR leaders need to adopt a more continuous and responsive way (vs. static and infrequent) of sensing and responding to what employees value most in their employment. As illustrated in Figure 1 (p.11), one strategy uses cues or triggers to detect a shift in employee expectations or experiences. These triggers include things such as the company’s financial performance, larger labor market conditions affecting the broader economy, and organizational culture change, to name a few. HR Leaders can use these cues with another resource I posted by Gartner, which includes a list of career risk triggers that prompt an employee to consider leaving a company. Both resources can be used as diagnostic tools to guide talent strategy and practices.

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