Build a Winning Talent Strategy for the New Talent Landscape | Gartner’s September Issue of HR Leaders Monthly

Talent Management

As we enter the last few months of 2022, now is an opportune time for HR Leaders and their teams to reevaluate and prioritize their 2022 talent initiatives. In some cases, initiatives might get deprioritized and put on hold, while others get sped up and prioritized for execution. To help HR teams make these decisions, one article from this 50-page September issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly — “Build a Winning Talent Strategy for the New Talent Landscape”—provides a few ideas. The article, which starts on page 4, includes a Talent Initiative Prioritization Matrix (p.8), which helps HR teams prioritize talent initiatives based on two dimensions: 1) The potential business impact of the talent initiative on creating organizational value and 2) complexity and investment — the level of coordination and support required (complexity) and the degree to which the initiative requires resources or adjustments to team responsibilities (investment). Four categories of talent prioritization are formed from these two dimensions: 1) Actionable Initiatives — should be prioritized for execution and given preference for resource allocation, 2) Priority Initiatives — should be prioritized based on the availability of resources (people, money, time), 3) Initiatives for Careful Consideration—require careful consideration for timing and sequencing based on capacity to complete the work, and 4) Parking Lot Initiatives — should be deprioritized or put in the parking lot for future consideration. The framework provides an effective way for HR teams to evaluate priorities and determine how they should be adjusted objectively. This September issue includes other articles on various HR and talent topics, such as how to create an effective HR budget and overcoming barriers to strategic HRBP impact, to name a few.