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Talent Management

Internal mobility is a critical component of an organization’s talent strategy. And one way practitioners are increasingly enabling internal mobility in their organizations is through the internal talent marketplace (ITM). An ITM—usually hosted on a technology-enabled platform—uses AI to connect employees with organizational opportunities, such as full-time roles, projects, and short-term assignments, to name a few. As organizations unlock the potential of their ITM, this 16-page paper offers suggestions for thinking through various ITM components, such as the business case, examples of ROI, challenges in implementation, and guidance on how to gain momentum. For instance, Figure 1 on page 4 shows examples of metrics that can be used for gauging progress in ITM initiatives, such as: 1) Awareness and usage (e.g.# of employees and managers who used the ITM, # of roles and tasks recruited internally vs. externally)2) Experience and advocacy (e.g., net promoter score (after using, to what extent would users use it again, or to what extent would they recommend it to someone else), 3) Business benefits (e.g., # of employees upskilled, hours of productivity gained, talent acquisition cost savings, etc.). Page 8 begins a section on gaining momentum with your ITM efforts, such as starting with one “use case” versus trying to tackle too many simultaneously. As a bonus, I am resharing these six additional articles and resources for enabling internal mobility in an organization.