Building Tomorrow’s Skills-based Organization: Jobs Aren’t Working Anymore | Deloitte

Talent Management

This excellent 101-page report explores how organizations are beginning to make the shift from traditional jobs to skills-based work. It is based on both quantitative and qualitative research with workers, executives, and HR leaders across industries and around the world. While there are many insights covered in this report, a few points include:

  1. While business and HR leaders are evolving work and workforce practices to focus on skills, only a handful of organizations (fewer than 1 in 5) have adopted skills-based approaches to a significant extent across all talent practices.
  2. Skills-based development and skills-based hiring are the most widely cited talent practices where organizations are starting to make this shift.
  3. The case for shifting from jobs to skills is further supported by various statistics, such as 71 percent of respondent workers say that they perform work outside their stated job responsibilities.
  4. Organizations can begin to shift from jobs to skills-based talent practices either by a) decomposing work into tasks and flowing workers to tasks, assignments, and projects based on their skills and interests and b) organizing work around broad problems to be solved or outcomes to be achieved. Both tactics help organizations overcome the limitations of organizing work by jobs.

Several other ideas are discussed, including a section on integrating skills across multiple talent practices.