C-Suite Outlook 2022: Reset and Reimagine Report | The Conference Board

Workforce Trends

This report addresses what C-Suite executives are most concerned about in 2022. Based on feedback from 1,614 C-suite executives, including 917 CEOs globally, this 33-page report addresses several insights, including 1) CEOs across the globe cite talent attraction and retention as their number-one internal focus for 2022. This priority is presumably driven by the awareness of talent shortages and the general shift in power dynamics from employer to employee/worker. 2) Cost-cutting, as a priority, drops to 9th place in 2022 among CEOs globally from 4th place in 2021. The relative de-prioritization of cost-cutting will likely enable various workforce investments (e.g., higher wages, starting bonuses, enhanced benefits, flexible working hours) needed to attract and retain workers. 3) Developing the next generation of leaders is a top-five internal priority for CEOs globally. Because of changes in work models (e.g., hybrid work), business models, and worker preferences, CEOs believe leadership skills, such as agility, resilience, empathy, digital fluency, inclusive leadership, and interpersonal communication, are increasingly required. Page 22 looks at how CEOs and human capital executives differ on the most important talent issues for 2022. Several other insights are covered.

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