Can You Answer These 10 Strategic Workforce Planning Questions |Clarity Magazine by Visier

Workforce Planning

As business models continue to be disrupted by the changing nature of work, workforce, and the business environment, many organizations are reviewing their strategic workforce planning (SWP) practices to ensure that they can keep pace with these changes. In this two-page article-infographic that begins on p.34, which is part of the 2020 v.3 of Clarity Magazine, ten questions are provided that organizations can ask themselves relevant to SWP. Examples include: 1) Who is going to quit or be terminated in the next 90 days? Next 12 months? Organizations can begin to answer this question and adjust workforce plans using forecasted exits and even predictive analytics. 2) Can the Talent Acquisition function support our hiring plans? To answer this question, firms can use tactics such as scenario planning to understand and plan for fluctuations in hiring volume based on different business situations they may face. Aside from the questions mentioned in the article, I would add two others:  a) Which roles and skills disproportionately enable our strategic capabilities? b) Of these roles and skills, where do we have the most significant gaps? This magazine issue includes 15 articles ranging from people analytics, employee experience, remote workforce, and gender equity, to name a few, and is replete with insights.

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