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Workforce Trends

Many leaders continue to provide workers with guidance on the future of remote work and hybrid work within their organizations. Last week, Capital One Founder and CEO Richard Fairbank announced in an internal memo that Capital One will adopt a “flexible hybrid model,” allowing most of its workforce to split their work time between virtual and office settings. Key points from the memo include: 1) Mondays and Fridays will be enterprise-wide virtual work days. 2) Capital One offices will be fully open Tuesdays through Thursdays. 3) Associates are “strongly encouraged” to spend meaningful time in the office collaborating with colleagues. 4) Teams will coordinate time in the office to harness the benefits of co-location. 5) Associates will not be required to be in the office a certain number of days; associates and leaders will “balance in-person collaboration, and team needs with individual choice and flexibility.” 6) Coming into the office will be strongly encouraged but not mandatory. 7) Capital One will continue to support ‘fully remote’ exceptions with senior executive approval. The memo provides ideas for firms that are developing their guidance on this topic.

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