Care to Do Better – Building Trust to Leave Your People and Your Business Net Better Off | Accenture

Leadership & Culture

During a time at which organizations want to unlock more of their employees’ potential, increase trust, and drive business performance, this Accenture reports provides ideas for doing so. The research introduces a framework called Net Better Off that centers on six distinct and connected dimensions that leaders must focus on. A key finding shows that 64 percent of people’s potential at work, defined as using and developing skills each day, is influenced by whether they feel better off across the six dimensions. The six dimensions include: 1) Emotional and mental – Feeling positive emotions and maintaining mental wellness such as a sense of accomplishment, compassion, happiness, fulfillment, and optimism, 2) Relational – Feeling a strong sense of belonging and inclusion and having many strong personal relationships, 3) Physical –Being in good physical health and equipped to take on normal daily stress, 4) Financial – Being financially secure without undue economic stress or worry and having an equitable opportunity for future economic stability and advancement; 5) Purposeful – Feeling that one makes a positive difference in the world and that life has meaning and a greater sense of purpose beyond oneself; and 6) Employable – Having marketable, in-demand capabilities and skills that make it easy to obtain good jobs and equitable career-advancement opportunities. Page 12 includes a question for each dimension that organizations can ask themselves. For example, for the Relational component – organizations can ask: How do we create a sense of belonging in virtual teams? How do we ensure every voice is being heard throughout the organization? Other ideas are discussed, including five “Sweet Spot” workforce practices (Figure 4 on p.17) that pay dividends for both individuals and the organization when taken together.

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