CEO Talent Champions | Gartner’s February Issue of HR Leaders Monthly

HR Effectiveness

The partnership between the CEO and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is critical to the success of any organization. However, CHROs and CEOs don’t always align on the talent priorities for their firms. As CHROs partner with their CEOs on aligning and executing their talent strategies more effectively, this new 41-page issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly provides ideas. The issue introduces Gartner’s CEO Talent Champions—30 best-in-class CEOs from the Russell 3000 Index whose organizations have achieved and demonstrated a commitment to exceptional talent outcomes. Four criteria were used to identify the top 1 percent of CEOs: 1) Financial performance, 2) Talent-related ESG measures, 3) Employee voice, and 4) Public commitment to employee value proposition preferences. The report explores how these CEOs make tough talent decisions similarly in five ways. Specific steps are offered on how CHROs can support their CEOs in each of the five areas and, in doing so, enhance the quality of that partnership. For example, CEO Talent Champions overinvest in explaining the rationale behind specific talent decisions to ensure employees understand them. CHROs can help their CEOs by evaluating employee understanding, weighting communication toward rationale and inputs, and helping employees share questions and concerns. This month’s issue also includes a section on 9 trends shaping the future of work (begin on p.30).

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