Checklist to Review Your HR Technology Roadmap | Gartner

HR Technology

HR technology leaders face the challenge of managing an increasingly complex HR tech portfolio. To help HR tech leaders manage, measure, and adjust their tech roadmaps as the needs of the business evolve, this Gartner checklist offers a comprehensive checklist for leaders to consider. This 15-page resource comprises four key components: 1) Reassess Business Outcomes (e.g., determining new stakeholders and business outcomes, adjusting timelines, modifying guiding principles), 2) Refresh Needs and Gap Analysis (e.g., evaluating new emerging requirements, conducting a gap analysis, reprioritizing needed capabilities), 3) Review Market Scan and Portfolio Assessment (e.g., scanning the HR tech market landscape for changes, staying updated on vendor information), and 4) Measure and Replan (e.g., measuring the value of roadmap initiatives, conducting governance meetings with stakeholders to share wins, progress, needed adjustments). The checklist provides examples of timelines and specific tasks supporting each of the four components of the roadmap. To supplement this resource, I am also including Gartner’s 2024 HR Priorities Paper, which includes a section on HR tech.