CHRO 2025 | Spencer Stuart

HR Effectiveness

The role of the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) continues to be one of the most important in many organizations. And while the role had already been gaining increased prominence prior to the coronavirus, this pandemic has thrust a greater spotlight on the impact and value of CHROs. In many cases, CHROs are currently navigating their organizations through remote work strategies, upskilling the workforce, employee wellness, and workforce planning amidst many uncertainties, to name a few. As the CHRO role continues to evolve in both times of crisis as well as business-as-usual, it is important for both current and prospective heads of HR to develop their skills in the areas that matter the most to their organizations. This article by Spencer Stuart outlines the CHRO capabilities that are important now and in the future. A few of the capabilities mentioned refer to combining 1) business, 2) technological, and 3) data and analytics skills to achieve the greatest impact. With respect to the latter, HR leaders will need to continue to go beyond raw pieces of information to infer critical insights that inform strategic direction and decisions. And while this article was written with CHROs in mind, these three areas are vital to HR professionals in general. The article covers other CHRO capabilities as well as 10 key characteristics of CHROs in 2025.


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