CHRO Guide: Reinvent Your Employee Value Proposition for a Post-pandemic Workforce | Gartner

Talent Management

Employee perspectives and what they value in their employment have shifted. And according to Gartner, the post-pandemic workplace requires an employee value proposition (EVP) that treats employees as people, not workers. This “human deal” EVP fosters five feelings amongst workers. 1) I feel understood – Help employees strengthen their family and community connections, not just work connections. 2) I feel autonomous  Give employees flexibility over where, when, how much, how, and with whom they work. 3) I feel valued – Provide employees with opportunities to grow as people, not just professionals. 4) I feel cared for – Don’t just provide employees with holistic wellbeing offerings; make sure they use them. 5) I feel invested – Take actions on societal and cultural issues; don’t just make statements about “purpose.” This guide provides actions that firms can take in each area. For example, to foster the feeling “I feel cared for,” firms can focus on Holistic Well-being; they can set the goal “Reduce stigma associated with using wellbeing offerings” and one action to take is to normalize mental-health awareness by talking about it frequently at work. Other ideas are discussed.

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