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11 Features of This Subscription

If viewing on a mobile device, please note the screenshots showing each feature below will only display on desktop, laptop, and tablet.

1) Real-time

Announcements are posted several times a week and typically each day, ensuring that you are among the first to know about the most recent Chief Human Resources Officer appointments and resignations.



2) Mobile Friendly

Whether you are on a desktop, mobile device, or tablet, you will have the same user experience and available functionality. 

3) Easy Access

There are no email notifications or complex website navigation.  You will see all headline announcements starting with the most recent when you log in. You can sort the results in various ways, including alphabetical order.

4) Link to Full Announcement

You can access the full announcement by clicking “read more.” Clicking this link will take you to the original source announcement with all of the details.

5) Search Functionality

Interested in announcements on specific companies or people? Use the search feature to easily find the information that you are looking for.

6) Bookmark Feature

If you come across an announcement you want to save or read later, you can use the bookmark feature to easily save the announcements in which you are most interested.

7) Categorize Your Bookmarks

If you bookmark an announcement, you can also organize them into different categories (e.g., industry, company size, etc.) that are named by you.

8) Save Notes

For announcements that you bookmark, you have the option of writing and saving notes related to the announcement–enabling you to keep track of important information.

9) Export Your Bookmarks

You can easily export your saved bookmarks and notes to XML, HTML, allowing you to use the information for different purposes.

10) Easily Access Unread Content

Not sure what announcements are new since your last visit? Don’t worry. New announcements will be listed in bold and you can also click the “unread content” button to display only the content you have not read.

11) Unlimited Archival Access

Want to access older announcements? No problem. All announcements are available to you regardless of when they were made.