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HR Effectiveness

The role of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) continues to evolve and become more vital each day in most organizations. Based on conversations with Fortune 200 CHROs and insights from publicly available data, a study by the Talent Strategy Group (TSG) provides insights about the role itself as well as CHRO priorities. Few findings: 1) Female CHROs are on the rise with 78% of new CHROs in 2019 being female, an upward trend since this report’s inception 3 years ago. 2) CHRO turnover has increased as nearly 19% of the Fortune 200 CHROs turned over in 2019, representing a 16% higher turnover rate in 2019 versus 2018. 3) Internal succession continues to decline as 53% of CHRO appointments were internal successors. 4) CEO turnover drives CHRO turnover. Of the 35 new CEOs who came into the role in 2019, 40% have replaced their CHRO. In terms of CHRO priorities, at the top of their agendas are attraction and retention of top talent, increasing HR and managerial accountability and capability, and navigating the paradox of maximizing for today versus investment in tomorrow to drive enduring business results. This last priority is undoubtedly more pronounced with COVID-19. This attached link will take you to a summary of the results, but to access the more detailed PDF you will need to provide your email address to TSG upon opening the link.


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