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The Fourth Edition of the Chief Human Resources Officer report reviews trends in the CHRO marketplace and introduces the Fortune 200’s new CHROs from 2020. The analysis of CHROs illustrates seven trends in the CHRO marketplace with implications for current and aspiring CHROs. A few insights include Trend 1. CHRO Turnover Declines. The Fortune 200 welcomed 27 new Chief Human Resources Officers in 2020, a turnover of nearly 15 percent and a 25 percent reduction from the previous year. This trend implies organizations are now replacing their CHRO every 6.67 years, improving the previous year’s average tenure of 4.9 years. Trend 4. CEO Turnover Drives CHRO Turnover. An incumbent CHRO is over 3.5x more likely to experience turnover when a new CEO is placed. Trend 5. Female CHROs representation continues to increase. Over three-fourths (78%) of the Fortune 200 new CHROs were female. This trend has resulted in an overall Fortune 200 CHROs female representation of 70 percent—the largest overall female representation in the CHRO role since this report’s inception. You can also check out HRO Today’s CHRO study that examines publicly available compensation data of a segment of Fortune 500 HR Leaders.

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