CHRO Trends Report 2024 | The Talent Strategy Group

HR Effectiveness

This 2024 CHRO Trends report presents 10 trends in the roles of Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and Chief People Officers (CPOs) in Fortune 200 companies. A few trends include: CHRO/CPO turnover declines: 2023 had the fewest Fortune 200 CHROs/CPOs appointments since this report’s 2017 inception, with 22 new CHROs/CPOs appointed in 202332% of these appointments were within the Fortune 25 companies, including ExxonMobil, Apple, Cigna Group, Phillips 66, General Motors, Elevance Health, and Centene. A rapid increase of internal successors to the CHRO role. 73% of 2023 appointed CHROs/CPOs came to the role via internal succession, a rate of internal succession not seen since 2017. On average, internally promoted CHROs/CPOs had a tenure of 15 years with the company prior to their appointment. The HR business partner (HRBP) role is a stepping stone to the CHRO/CPO role. The vast majority of the 2023 CHRO/CPO appointments consisted of individuals who served in an HRBP role prior to their CHRO/CPO appointment. Other topics are covered, such as CHRO diversity. In case you missed it, here is my PDF highlighting 10 CHROs who were hired or promoted into the role since the start of 2024.