Coaching at Scale: AI Democratizes Leadership Development | Josh Bersin

HR Technology Talent Development

Few would dispute that “coaching” can help employees improve their performance and develop effective work relationships. However, multiple factors make “human-based” coaching less scalable across organizations. This 15-page report covers a growing area in coaching that provides a scalable approach to developing all employees: AI-based coaching platforms. With consent from the employee, these technology platforms monitor employees’ observable digital behaviors, communications, and online interactions and provide real-time developmental suggestions. For example, if you are a people leader, the AI looks at how much time you spend with your direct reports, how quickly you respond to each of them, what tone you use with each, and how much recognition you give them. Then, when you go into a meeting with one of your team members, it emails you suggestions to improve your interactions.” Behavior change is measured and reported directly inside the coaching tool, with immediate insights if a behavior improved. As digital interactions increase in organizations, AI-enabled coaching has the potential to transform aspects of learning and development. Page 6 shows distinctions between human and AI-based coaching.

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