Considerations and Recommendations for the Validation and Use of AI-Based Assessments for Employee Selection | SIOP

HR Technology

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in employment decisions continues to garner interest from organizations that want to use these tools fairly, ethically, and legally for hiring decisions. And while industrial and organizational (IO) psychologists have been at the forefront in helping organizations ensure that their selection tools meet these criteria, I/O psychologists’ involvement in evaluating AI for these purposes has been limited (see “Where’s the I-O?” Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Talent Management Systems”). For this reason, I was pleased that the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) has released this 36-page document, presenting considerations and recommendations for the validation and use of AI-based assessments for employee selection. The paper provides guidance, backed by scientific research, on how AI-based assessments can be used effectively and legally in employee selection contexts. The recommendations are presented in five sections that address the unique challenges and considerations that arise in the development, evaluation, use, and interpretation of AI-based assessments. As federal and state governments continue to enact laws to address concerns about using AI for hiring, this document provides various insights for firms to consider. To supplement this paper, I am resharing an excellent 59-page toolkit developed by the World Economic Forum that promotes the responsible use of AI-based tools in HR.