Covid-19 Heightens the Leadership Gap | Harvard Business Corporate Learning

Leadership & Culture

The pandemic continues to transform aspects of business, work, and the workplace–presenting different and new demands on leaders. And as organizations seek to understand and prepare current and future leaders for these rapidly shifting requirements, this new 16-page report provides ideas for doing so. The survey found that leaders’ requirements in all industries have rapidly shifted and that–while many senior leaders have stepped up quickly to meet the challenges brought on by the pandemic – mid-level managers and leaders have struggled to adjust. The research identified three pivotal leadership clusters to help close leadership gaps: 1) Leading through uncertainty – develop personal adaptability; cultivate learning agility. 2) Cultivating trust – inspire engagement; value differences 3) Reskilling for the opportunity – foster innovation; build digital fluency. This report’s insights can help organizations determine how to prepare best and equip their leaders to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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